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Public skating sessions are opened to general members of the public.  Whether you are proficient in skating or just a beginner, the public session is a great way to enjoy a fun and casual time on the ice.
It is strongly recommended that helmets be worn during time on the ice.


Public Skating

$25 Admission



Skate rental is included in admission price, and admission is for the duration of a public skating session.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket window in the Ice House.


In order for all guests to enjoy his/her time on the ice, the following rules have been administered by the Ice House.
  • It is highly recommended that helmets be worn by all skaters on the public session.

  • Public session wristbands must be purchased at the ticket window prior to entry onto the ice.

  • Hockey sticks, pucks, and other such equipment are not allowed during public skate.

  • Ice House Staff members monitor all on-ice activity

    • a staff member should be notified if there is an on-ice injury.

  • Center of the ice is reserved for professional skating instruction.

  • Skating recklessly, at high speeds, along with any roughness is strictly prohibited.

  • Food is prohibited while on the ice.

  • All visitors are expected to respect all parts of the facility.

  • All participants skate at his/her own risk.

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