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Contracting Information 2020-2021

Dear Avalanche Families,

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy as we all continue to navigate our way through the COVID-19 Pandemic.


I am reaching out today to inform you that the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association, AAHA, which is the local governing body of USA Hockey, has started taking steps to help families, clubs and rinks prepare for the 2020-2021 hockey season. The AAHA Executive Committee makes decisions that effect three states, New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.


After speaking with many of the local hockey industry leaders and also conducting a parent survey, that many of you responded to, the AAHA has decided to allow clubs to start contracting Tier I AAA players on June 1st, followed by Tier II AA, A and B players on June 11th.  Each club will have some AAHA guidelines to follow, but will ultimately be charged with the responsibility to organize team rosters and or age groups as they see fit. 


As Club President of the Avalanche, I do see the organizational value of contracting players at this time, but our club will proceed slowly because of all the uncertainty in the tri-state area today. Obviously we will be following all the guidelines set forth by the local government, which are still to be determined for our type of facility. We will also be adhering to CDC guidelines to insure the highest level of safety for our players, their families and our staff members.  


Our hope is that the Ice House opens soon and that in the days ahead we are able to slowly, and most likely in stages, get back to the business of providing a safe, healthy, and happy hockey experience for all of our valued customers. 


Because of all the unknowns, like I said earlier, we will proceed slowly with organizing our teams for the 2020-2021 season. Typically before we offer contracts, our deposits and tuition's are set in stone along with our program offerings -- since those details are still developing, we can't honestly firmly announce any of those details. Because of that, we will be taking a smaller than usual deposit amount on offered contracts which will also state a maximum tuition for the season. On July 15th, we will require a second payment and at that point, we may decide to adjust the tuition based on any additional knowledge we have from our Governor.  The tuition amount on the original contract will stay the same or may be reduced. Also, families should rest assured that if we contract your child and your family faces a financial hardship later this spring or summer due to COVID-19, your child will be released and money paid will be refunded.  The District has set the financial hardship refund date to no later than July 31st, 2020. 

This is certainly a new and albeit imperfect way to select teams.  With that said, I'm extremely thankful right now for the level of professionalism and experience of the North Jersey Avalanche Coaching Staff. Their commitment to the game and their knowledge of the player pool at which they coach, will make this one year process as smooth as possible.

Stay healthy.


Dan May

North Jersey Avalanche President


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